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Coordinated Entry is a powerful piece of a housing crisis response system that ensures that people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness can readily find and navigate crisis intervention assistance. It is designed to ensure that households are prioritized for and matched with the right intervention as quickly as possible. It aims to standardize the access, assessment, and referral process across all providers in communities.

The coverage area of the Lubbock Coordinate Entry System is Lubbock County. The Coordinated Entry process for Lubbock County serves households who are literally homeless and fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence.

The South Plains Homeless Consortium Coordinated Entry Committee manages the Coordinated Entry process in Lubbock County, ensuring that the policies and procedures of Lubbock CE are implemented appropriately at the system, provider, and client level, and regularly monitoring progress towards the ending homelessness goal.


Entry Points

Entry Points are the starting points for households needing housing. In Lubbock, various agency locations as well as some mobile programs provide ample opportunity for people to enter the CE system. Currently, the following agencies serve as Entry Points: (address, phone, and hours of CE operation for each location coming soon)

The Salvation Army of Lubbock | 1614 16th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401 | (806) 765-9434
Open Door, Day Shelter | 1916 13th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401 | (806) 687-6876
Paul's Project/Grace Campus | 1301 Avenue A, Lubbock, TX 79401 | (806) 500-5006
Family Promise of Lubbock | 1319 15th Street, Lubbock, TX 79401 | (806) 744-5035



Any person or household experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic violence may access the CE system through any of the listed Entry Points. Once an individual or household has made contact with an Entry Point, the Entry Point will conduct a housing assessment to help determine the most appropriate intervention for the individual or household. At that point, the Entry Point will work to connect the individual or household with the available services that match the needs of the individual or household. *Taking a housing assessment does not guarantee housing placement.


Assessment Review or Grievance Request

Assessors who have concerns about the accuracy of the assessment may request a formal assessment review by submitting an Assessment Review Request (PDF to come) to the SPHC Coordinated Entry Committee or by submitting their Assessment Review Request to the local CEPE and/or Committee Chair through the form below. Staff members at a Coordinated Entry participating agency who have similar concerns may also request a formal assessment review by the same process, with the permission of their direct supervisor. Households that have concerns about the accuracy of their assessment may also request an assessment review by the same process. At minimum, households must ask the Assessor to submit an Assessment Review on their behalf addressing their specific concerns.

Additionally, any participants who would like to submit a grievance including complaints or concerns of discrimination or equal access may enter a grievance in the form below. The CEPE will review the grievance and notify the household of the grievance procedure outcome within 10 business days of CEPE review.

Please complete the Assessment Review Form
Once completed,  please provide a printed copy, or email the form to South Plains Homeless Consortium


Participating Agencies

Agencies interested in receiving more information about participation in the Lubbock CE System may contact the CEPE Committee Chair through the form below. Participating agencies who would like to update their information in the system or provide feedback to the Lubbock CEPE may contact the CEPE committee chair through the form below.

Please complete the Participating Agencies Form
Once completed,  please provide a printed copy, or email the form to South Plains Homeless Consortium